Thursday, January 01, 2009


I remember posting about the importance of buying emergency kits. But you must have been wondering just what an emergency kit should ideally contain so here is that pivotal list of components:-1.Light Power & Communications Battery-free lights & communications. No need for electricity.2.Tools, Supplies, Food & Water Vacuum packed food & water. Plus the tools you require in an emergency.3.First Aid Comprehensive first aid kit to treat a wide variety of emergencies.4.ProtectionPhysical protection from the elements.5.Personal Items Organized personal items 6.ball lock pins .If you have always dreamt of playing Bond, then beware your vagaries might come true. would hold you in good stead in that situation.

My Winter Fashion Essentials

I am all set for another round of my whimsical shopping sprees after being buoyed by the windfall that my startups - an export house and security firm - have witnessed. But this time I will have to factor in the chill in the air that your's truly inhales. On top of my list are designer blazers, tuxedos and sport coats. I expect to prolong my loyalty towards Hugo Boss and Prada when I do go shopping. I have identified a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes that caught my eye on the internet and it was love at first glance. Something in Pulkit Chandna tells him to experiment with Capone-style tuxedos this winter. Lastly, an electric blanket and a Tommy jacket with an intricate avalanche management system is almost in my possession unless there is a last minute change of mind. The budget for this shopping spree is a meagre $10,000.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Looking for a Memory Upgrade

If you are looking for a memory upgrade, then look no further than the website I am going to tell you about. Memory upgrades are necessary as applications increasingly become taxing. At times it can be a little difficult to go for a memory upgrade, mainly due to lack of knowledge. But this website called the memorystore features all the information you need prior to a memory upgrade.You can even purchase memory from the website. The memory available is from a host of manufacturers, like IBM memory.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Have You Been Mulling Refinancing ?

Have you been considering the option of refinancing your loan or mortgage ? Have you been in a bind over the issue ? Well, you are not alone- that is a mere consolation consolation. I am not going to wave my magic wand to get you out of your quandary but I will let you know about just when the time is ripe for refinancing, not to forget the rectitude of the situation also. It is a fact though that refinancing is not suited for all and if opted sans discretion it can do more harm than good.

To begin with you should be aware with the basics of refinancing. May be even go through it's definition and try and dissect it. Refinancing for the dummies, is t
Blogger: The Globe Mapper - Create Posthe process of applying for a secure loan for the effective replacement of an old loan secured by the same assets. It is normally opted for, to pay off old debt or for the purpose of lowering the interest rate. It is mostly rife in the home loan sector. But there are certain perils of mortgage refinance that arise from the ignorance of previous loan agreements and their clauses. Please be duly aware of such clauses like the penalties triggered by the early payment of the loans. It might sound funny but it isn't.

Check out mortgage lenders.

Toddler Fashion

Your toddler does not have words to express himself. Our knowledge of the human brain in general, and a toddler's brain in particular, remains restricted. Just suppose that tods are also susceptible to cupid strikes and there brain is thrown into an excited state upon seeing beauty in the opposite sex. There is a possibility of that happening. So you really wouldn't want to dampen your toddler's romantic prospects. Come on give him or her a head start with these aesthetically designed baby clothes. Check Out toys

Merell's impressive footwear range

It is strange that at times lesser known brands hide such brilliant products in their anonymity. I realized this when I discovered Merrell shoes on the internet and found the right shoes to complete my Mafia look for my upcoming short film. The shoes came for only $99.99 and I haven't had any issues with them. They have all kinds of footwear you can think of and at a reasonable price at that.

Life After Death with Mortgage Life Insurance

If the nomenclature of this post makes you feel that it might be an anecdote on mysticism then you are wrong. Today, I would like to attract your benevolent attention to accidental life and burial insurance. I am alluding to not your posthumous life but the life of your near and dear one's after, god forbid, your death. You sure adore your family from the bottom of your heart and to the hilt. But when you depart from this material world that bereaved family of yours might have a mortgage or bank loan to reimburse. How do you expect your wife or your progeny to do that all of a sudden ? It sure will be a double blow in the most turbulent of times. Save them from these very probable worries. Get yourself a Funeral Insurance or a mortgage life insurance . But very carefully sign on the dotted line, only after having taken the following into consideration:-

1. The insurance offers global cover, in case you depart for you so called heavenly abode outside the comforts of your home country.

2. When fate plays out it's intrigue, how much time would it take for the company to provide you with the insurance cover.

3. Compare the petty details of different services and there track record and only after you discern clearly sign on the dotted line. Check out cheap life insurance

Medical Aggrandizement

You must be aware of watches that not only tick along merrily but also keep tap of your body condition - they collect vital medical data like pulse rate, heart beat and pulse rate. There is such jewelery, too, which will not only lend itself to your personality but also store medical data that can be important on many occasions.The medical jewelry and watches sound useful. Check out this medical bracelet.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fight Against The Irking Cold

Winters are fun but sans the evils of dry skin. I do not like dry skin any bit and specially dry lips exasperate me the most. It feels that I need a tonne of moisturizer or a cold cream to keep dry skin at bay. But sore throat is also prevalent during winters and can slow one down. But this winter I have decided to get a humidifier to fight the dry and cold winters. And if I have copious cash reserves then I will probably send a couple of humidifiers to the Eskimos as well.Go here for best acne treatment

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Diet Suppresant

I would not beat around the bush as you might be aware of diet suppressants. There is another mighty effective suppressant called Phentermine. It is available without prescription and you order it online. You will be better served to go to the above link to find out the pros and cons of this drug. Also a list of illustrious users of the diet suppressant is available on the website. In case you are satisfied then you can buy it from the website. Go here for diet pill reviews

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Interesting Hotel Under the Hot Vegas Sun

There is no dearth of entertainment in Vegas along with places of highest order to park yourself in. Some of the places make your visit worth every single penny and second of yours transferring you to a completely different part of the world. You can be in Venice, Egypt or Rome in the middle of this entertainment oasis in Nevada. One of the resorts is Rio that will give you the feel of Rio, it's Vegas. Anyways you will have no dearth of Vegas hotel once you land there. Check in here for hotel deals.

Bunks Bed are Emblematic of Discipline

Most of us have had the experience of sleeping on bunk beds, when we were kids. Whether it is a dormitory or the little one’s room, bunk beds are synonymous with discipline. It is an image that has stuck. Bunk beds also go a long way in increasing the bonhomie amongst children. These days bunk beds are also designed keeping in mind the comforts of your kids. Also glance over these classy platform beds.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rajasthan Royals, the royal wimps?

Pulling no punches, the Rajasthan Royals are not imperious in any regard, contrary to their name, and appear to be a pedestrian side. They emerged as the lowest spender during the IPL player auction. Now it seems that whatever little money they spent wasn’t spent judiciously.

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